2019 Enduro

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Being held over the weekend of April 27th/28th.

Saturday will see qualifying and Top 10 Shuffles to determine the start grids for the Main Event.

All classes except Seniors have the option of a single driver or a team of two.  Seniors MUST have a 2-driver team.

Cadets – 45min   Vortex Mini Rok – 1hour   Juniors – 1hour 15min   Seniors – 2hours

Will you be able to match or exceed these laps within the respective time frames?

Cadets- 75laps    Vortex Mini Rok – 104laps    Juniors – 141laps    Seniors – 227 laps

Find yourself a partner and start exploring your strategy.

All the info and the quirks of the Enduro can be downloaded hereEnduros 19

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