2023 Pool and Spa Maintenance City of Sails

Important Information

Here is some important information for the upcoming event at KartSport Auckland. Please call us if you have any questions.


Trailers can be left at the track from Wednesday. If you want to leave them any earlier, give us a call.


All pit sites are leased and must not be taken. Those that lease a pit site at Auckland can still use these for the City of Sails event unless you have asked to be pitted in a team that is on the speedway track.

A pit map is attached to this email.

 If you are not assigned an allocated pit site (upper pit level) or team area, you will be located on the Speedway track.

Please pit in 2 rows around the inside & outside perimeter of the track if that is where you are on the map. Some of the teams will be on the grass off the side of the track, if you are one of these teams you will be directed how to park once you arrive.

Please also remember that the speedway track is slightly banked so you may need some timber blocks to level your trailer. Please ensure that you have a ground sheet and use it if you are pitted on the Speedway track.

Please do not leave rubbish and cable ties/bolts, etc, on the track. We will have trailer and vehicle parking Marshalls (in Hi-Viz vests) to help you with parking etc.

Please don’t be that person that doesn’t listen to them. They are volunteers that have been asked to carry out a job...... they don’t make the rules.


There will be NO vehicle parking in the upper pit area. ALL parking will be clearly marked on the pit/carpark map that we will release. This includes campers which will be located on the Speedway track.

PLEASE adhere to this so we do not have to come and find you to ask you to move........if unsure please ask somebody in a Hi-Viz vest. All Car Parking marked RED are for officials, Sponsors & Volunteers (these Vehicles will have carpark passes shown in the window).

For the Saturday and Sunday we will have additional parking available at various businesses on Patiki Road. Please come to the main gate and you will be directed to one of these sites and we will be running a shuttle van to and from these sites (this will all be co-ordinated by the team on the gate).


The kitchen will be open all day Friday, Saturday & Sunday with a fine selection of food and drinks. There will be 2 coffee vans on site also for the event. Please support these where you can. Breakfast rolls will be available on the Saturday & Sunday morning from 7.30am – 9am of the event.

KartSport Auckland will be putting on a free sausage sizzle for the Friday after practice. On the Saturday and Sunday, we will be doing FREE Burgers and anybody that has had a KSAK burger lately can tell you not to miss out!


There will be no dumping of tyres at the event, please take your old tyres home with you.


KartSport Auckland is a licensed venue and, as such, all alcohol consumed on site must be purchased on site. It is prohibited to bring your own. Aside from this, it is only fair to support the club that is hosting this event!


The Rosebank Domain has a no dog policy. Please do not bring a dog with you.


Facility will open at 10am for practice set up. Practice will be from 3pm – 8pm. You will need to pay for this practice via the KSAK App or website and this will be strictly enforced. For this event, you will need to pit in your allocated event pit sites regardless of whether you are leaving your trailer onsite from Wednesday or not. Campervans are welcome all week.


There will be practice on Friday all day from 9am – 5pm for the competitors only. These practice sessions will be 10 minutes long and will be carried out in the same order as the race order. The cost of this was included in your entry fee.


There will be a 5 minute tuning run per class on Saturday from 9.10am.


These must be fitted for your tuning run on Saturday morning. This gives race control the opportunity to make sure that they are all working before your qualifying. Please make sure they are charged and fitted.


City of Sails is a permitted meeting. As such, technical inspections can be carried out anywhere within the confines of the facility at any time. Please ensure that you have read and understood the KartSport NZ Rules & Regulations. Don’t forget such items as push back nose cones, maximum widths, greasy clutches, minimum weights & the correct fuel etc. If you have any questions, please ask a technical official.


If you have any questions, please contact: Glenn Arnesen (Convener & KSAK President) – 021 056 8986 Haylee McBride (Convener & KSAK Vice President) – 022 161 4634