We offer a Kart Racing Have a Go Package which (weather permitting) takes place once a month.

This Have a Go package is with Kartsport Auckland at the Giltrap Group Raceway, Avondale, Auckland for $150.00

It entitles you to an introductory one on one personal training season of approximately 2 hours at our race track, which includes :

  • Briefing on the basics of the sport, costs, club and race day programs,
  • Use of one of the club race karts and safety gear and safety briefing.
  •  A number of driving sessions on the track.   (Normally at least 3 runs in the Kart.)

We have few karts available for prospective new karters.

  • Cadet Rok - 6-11 years
  • Vortex Mini Rok - 9-13 years
  • Raket 120 - 11 years & over
  • Rotax Max - 15 years & over.

An idemnity form must be signed to Have a Go.

Register your interest below.

Come and check out one of the best family sports you could be a part of.